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    Bishops Shot


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    Post by Guest on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:43 pm

    The night was silent,wind flowed much like hair within the air,or a cape in the wind.The night sky filled with tiny glowing sparkles,so it was how he seen it.It all begun here at his home,the place where he was born and raised,located back in the deep woods out in Germany.He laid upon his back,digits locked together as his head rested within his palms much like he had his head upon a pillow.He gazed up at the sky seeming to read the stars,his eyes scanned each star.He read them like a book,this was what he done withe every moment he had to spend to himself.He was never one to go out and party with his friends,it was the truth that he had never had any friends.He was a loner,a lone gun,a gun that has never been used.Never even been loaded or shot.He had a life it was just spent it within the woods.Wondering why everyone looked to him as a monster,seen him as something not normal,supernatural.When he was just as they was a human being,so long past , as he kept being neglected and ignored.He grew rather tired of this he was only 11 years old when he held his first gun which was a Desert eagle hand gun.He went through so much it was about time he shown them how they seen him,he was going to do what a monster would do.Even the teachers at his school laughed at him and treated him like shit.The Desert eagle he had been plated with gold,something his father had forgotten before he left.He took it and hid it in the ground for a while.

    Soon after his mother had passed away,that made him snap and become what they seen him as.So he went to school after his mother died,the desert eagle tucked into his pants,then covered by his shirt.Though they didn't notice what he had.As soon as he walked into the school,he pulled the Desert eagle from his pants,and took aim at the first person he seen who was the girl who worked in the office,He squeezed the trigger and sent a bullet to her skull,she fell dead upon the ground.The gun shot was loud,the teachers and students were startled by it.He walked down a small little hallway which was the hallway he went down to go to his class room.The door was locked as the school went to lock down.He took a step back after wiggling the door knob,he took aim to the door knob.Firing a shot to it to unlock the door himself.He busted in the door.There he seen the frightened look of the teachers and the students.This time they wasn't poking fun at him,they was begging him.He smiled sadistically as he took aim to the teacher,firing three bullets into he chest,then on more into her skull.As she fell to the ground dead with a clash blood stained the floor.As he now looked toward the kids of the room.In a thick German accent he spoke."Who is the fucking monster now? Huh!" He exclaimed.The kids screamed in horror.As he had fired off five bullets.He dropped the clip which was empty,he had come ready he had over ten clips on his belt.

    He reloaded as the clip snapped in place,he cocked the gun and now was ready to shoot.He looked to each kid and found the one who downed him the most,approaching him,he placed the gun straight to the temple of the male.Without any hesitation he squeezed the trigger.Sending a bullet to penetrate his skull.Knowing that he had killed him.He laughed much like a manic as he kicked the body down.He now went to the second one who downed him.She cried and begged but he didn't care he didn't want her apologies,he wanted to make them suffer.He placed the gun straight to her forehead and squeezed the trigger.Sending a bullet to completely penetrate her skull.In the skull then out the bullet luckily hit the head of another student who was behind the one the bullet went through.He burst out into insane like laughter as he walked out the class room then down the hallway.One cocky bastard came up behind him and grabbed him.He sent an elbow to the males gut only to turn around with great aim he sent a bullet to the head of the male,watching the blood begin to fall.After such he continued to walk down that small little hallway.Slowly he fired off the rest of the clip into the ceiling before walking out the school.Now he walked back to the woods where he always went.Blood all over his clothes,he went into his small little cabin,and changed.

    After the tragic event which had occurred when he was only 11 years old.He was now 15,he had grew older and yet smarter,already having great skills with guns.It wasn't the end of his killing rampage.He had gotten a girlfriend at the age 12 and at age fifth-teen she got was well pregnant by him,for the longest he believed he had fallen in love with her,he believed he was actually with the right one,sadly he didn't look after he as he should have.He let her go out at her will and hang with her friends and others.One night he stayed behind and let her have time with her friend who was leaving the country to go to the states,she spent the night out and he begun to worry she didn't come back when she said she would be back.He grew worried so he decided he was gonna go get her himself,he couldn't imagine of anyone hurting her,so much ran his mind on what if she got killed or what if she got shot by some random person on the street? Usually when she went out with her friends she went out to a hidden club where the underage could come and party as they please.So there was where he checked first.He had his golden desert eagle tucked into his pants,every where he went he carried it with him,just in-case danger came to him.

    He walked into the doors of the club,and people knew that he was a killer somehow they wouldn't even attempt to speak to him in any wrong way.Though something caught his attention the sound of his Beloved in a screaming way,He followed the sound as it led to a door.Which was locked,such knew what filled his mind,he kicked down the door only to see what broke him and yet caused him to break loose.He seen his beloved with another man while she was pregnant fucking him.He was startled for a moment.As rage overtook him he shouted in frustration."WHY?" Was all he screamed as he pulled the gun from his pants,now he took aim to her.He didn't hesitate to squeeze the trigger as he did such she turned around just in time to catch a bullet to the skull.As for the man he placed five bullets into his skull out of anger.Seeing that they was both dead he wasn't satisfied,he put the gun to her stomach even so she was dead,he squeezed the trigger luckily he had another bullet which penetrated her stomach then into the floor.Everyone in the club jumped out of fear when the gun shots sounded.Screams of fear echoed as he dropped the clip which he emptied,only to place another clip into it,cocking the gun it was ready to shoot yet again.

    He went out the room to find her friend.Upon catching her visage.He sent three bullets to her stomach,only to speak afterwards."That is for not stopping her!" With that he looked to the others in the club everyone on there knee's not one got up.He looked to the bartender and settled upon a stool,speaking in a thick German accent."Get me a shot of Vodka or I give you a bullet to the fucking face." The bartender listened and gave him a shot of Vodka.He lifted it to his lips tilting the shot glass up the liquid flowed into his mouth as he slammed it down upon the bar.Lifting the gun from his lap he popped a bullet into the bartenders head just because he wanted to."That was Moonshine not Vodka." With a sadistic grin he walked out the club without any guilt he really didn't care that he had killed over four people.Lucky for them he didn't waste the entire club.He returned to his cabin out in the woods,and shook his head.Though what he has done was wrong he really didn't bother to ask for forgiveness.If he could he would ice god himself,but he knew that would never happen.He sat the desert eagle down upon a wooden table as he thought to himself,why does he do what he does? was he really that crazy? or was the people right he was a monster? This only angered him more,as he took apart his Desert eagle and cleaned it..Only to put it back together and reload his clips.Placing another clip into the gun.Cocking it back that way it was ready to fire when he wanted it to.

    (The location is Germany,yet joining the role play. Bishop is a loner and not so friendly to others every since what happened to him.)

    (Later on in the story whenever someone actually kills him more will be posted on what he becomes after death.He must first die before it can continue.)

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