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    Round one: Wishy v.s Submissive_blade


    Round one: Wishy v.s Submissive_blade Empty Round one: Wishy v.s Submissive_blade

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    Whoever posts first gets to decide settings. Please don't make it biased in the sense to make yourself 'stronger.'

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    The Establishment; Oath bound duties.

    ⌛ The Soul Society, where the souls of the dearly departed reside until gloriously reincarnated within the realm of the living. It was a sanctified cycle that had gone on since time immemorial and it was something worth shielding from the prolific taint of evil. The dedicated protectors of the hallowed balance were the Shinigami, souls possess extraordinary amounts of spirit energy. The most talented join the 13 Guard Squads, among those prestigious ranks is a Shinigami by the name of Fujinko Watanabe. Fujinko, a disciplined member of the esteemed 6th Division under the leadership of Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, had been dispatched to investigate odd occurrences in the world of the living. ⌛

    ⌛ The chilliness of the united rainwater and accosting aerial forces might have succeeded in reducing the temperature of her form to an undesirable extent, had she been an ordinary person. Thankfully her figure was one of a Shinigami and was massively superior to that of a human in every conceivable way. Surefooted were those dainty steps that carried her down the snaking path of the mountain, to the valley below. The disturbance she had been instructed to investigate was up ahead and she would be there soon enough. Fujinko’s ebony Shihakusho trailed inches off the ground as she walked. Her long cyan hair bounced and swayed with each step. ⌛

    ⌛ Fujinko was off that unscrupulous heap of stone and back upon regular ground, except that it wasn’t. In-between the intermittent flashes of lightning and staccato of thunder, mauve florae decorated the grassy surface. In any other situation she might have taken the time to admire them. But not today, not when there was ample labor to be accomplished and the members of the 6th Division were not known for putting duty on the backburner. A stoic look acted in her cyan eyes and the porcelain toned flesh of her face was brought to a taut state for a moment. With renewed resolve, the young Shinigami flickered out of sight in a display of a technique known as Shunpo. ⌛

    The Accounter; A preparation for war.

    ⌛ Reappearing just as swiftly as she had vanished, Fujinko stood in the spot where she had been ordered to. The Shihakusho danced wildly for a moment like some possessed creature, only calming once its fit had subsided. It hung loosely against her slim frame. Underneath was a white undergarment and around her waist was a dark-cyan obi sash, which in turn held her Zanpakuto in place. The Zanpakuto at her side was known as Karakaze. It was a unvarying looking katana with a dark-cyan sheath, rectangular tsuba, and enjoys an immeasurably sharp blade of 3 feet. Zanpakuto are grander to normal swords in that they are amazingly hard to break and are not affected by anything capable of afflicting a customary metal. ⌛

    “Oh, instrument of demise and savior of wretched souls, guide me on this day.”

    ⌛ Being around the Lieutenant level in terms of strength, Fujinko has gained a mastery over the released state, or Shikai, of her Zanpakuto. After using the release command, the blade of Karakaze will become mostly transparent as if it were made of wind. This release generates an impressively powerful outward explosion of air, air that carries with it some downright dangerous properties. The wind released by the activation of the Shikai state has the power to rapidly age anything it comes into contact with and naturally the wind controlled by Karakaze also has this trait. Karakaze’s swing speed is also augmented by this state and even Funjiko’s speed can be enhanced. Altogether it is a fine weapon. ⌛

    ⌛ A Shinigami is instructed in the four basic pillars of Shinigami combat, those being Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hoho, and Kido. Out of them, Funjiko displayed the most talent for Kido and Hoho. Her talents with Hoho enable her to travel great distances with a single usage of Shunpo and she can utilize the technique almost instantly as a result of it becoming something akin to instinctual. Kido, while not traditionally used as a primary form of offense, has become just that for Fujinko. She knows a wide array of spells with numerous uses and elemental affinities and has even created some of her original Kido to counter various detrimental effects like illusions and poisons. Some of her Kido can even be used without the incantation and she has worked hard to minimalize the weakened nature of these versions. ⌛

    ⌛ It was just moments after arriving at her destined destination that she became aware of another presence in the area. She did not look upon the other entity, but knew it to be a hundred yards or so from her current locale. There weren’t any reports of another Shinigami being sent on this mission and that instinctively put Funjiko on guard. Her petite left hand casually crossed in front of her and rested itelf upon the braided silken handle of her Zanpakuto. She made no move to draw, but her body was prepared for immediate action should it be required. Perhaps this person meant her no ill-will. ⌛


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    Save your prayers,

    for it'll lead to despair.

    This hatred,

    is all that is sacred.

    Those grey dots that painted the sky, displayed their own creation of life through the worlds cries, pain, and hate. Just like this world, the people, and all that held life..They were releasing their torment through the storms..Bellowing out in agony, it was all needing a savior. At least, to one with a mind-set as him. This was the birthing of a wicked demon.

    A demon that was stored inside, always attempting to burst it's way out at any moment. One that wanted to..purify the lands with the blood of those it deemed tainted. Chained tightly to keep from slaughtering any..but tonight, that lock was to be broken. If anything was to show up in these lands, they'd be forced to hold remorse if they stayed too long. Remorse for not helping the world..Not lifting this burden from the Phoenix of Dreams.

    This burden plagued his mind anytime a storm brewed. Sacred vow to store all the wretched emotions of this place within him, allowing the planet to flourish. Slowly as it may be, it was his to bare and he was going to keep the vow. Even though they were constantly growing, a task that seemed impossible. An unbreakable will kept him going, but he was even limited to how much he could take.

    Leave me alone,

    before all that's left is stone.

    Stay away,

    before your blood sprays.

    Pelting of chilled water drops onto the ground and his clothing, teased him to break. Urged him to release all that was stored inside, but for now..it was refused. Thoughts swarmed his mind, in both the reflection and the Truth. Clouding it, as if mimicking the sky above.

    Fighting it, his left palm met the smooth surface of his current bedding, pushing himself up into a sit. Once a calmed gaze of green, now fully flashed over in a deathly shade in it's sweep of the lands. A small attempt to keep from snapping; One that wouldn't last too long.

    Invasion of his space was already noted upon arrival, for the reflection was just a tool. It gave use to the truth by giving visual aspects of what's all around, at all times while he remained within the dark hold of dreams. Granted full sight, despite the storms wake; it was time to make a decision. Not one of his own, but for the other that so rudely showed up at a time like this.

    Slinking forth from his current position, his right hand was guided along the rock at the same time. Legs slipped from the edge to firmly plant his feet a top soaked ground about a foot away from the edge. Gradually rising to stand. The sway of his hand along the rock, was so his fingers could find their rest along Memory Tear's hilt, snatching the blade up in his ascend. Within a reverse hold, currently the blade tip pointed behind him, towards the ground from the lazy grasp. Such happening within moments of the intruder arriving and assuming she can see the beauty he wielded.

    Silk lips parted to allow a flow of words, which clung to a soft tone. "Leave..or death will claim you..I don't want this..but the choice isn't mine..leave me alone, why can't you be my savior?!"Carried off in the wind, in attempt to reach the other from the distance between the two. Quite confused, that clouded mind of his was now shown through his use of words. While speaking his left hand was covering that side of his face, as if surging waves of pain suddenly developed. Not once did he look at her or in her direction; He kept his blade side towards her. That was on purpose to see if she would notice the few secrets he left open.


    +-A chance to enter the fray or will life be valued for once?-+

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    The First Act; A dance of pallid supremacy.

    ⌚ Fujinko didn’t make eye contact with the person she now deduced to be a man and truthfully it wouldn’t hamper her plans in even an infinitesimal way. But how best to go about making the initial move? Her brain raced with multitudes of strategies and concepts, each one being shot down before it could root itself too deeply. In the culmination, that cyan haired Shinigami would utilize a rudimentary spectacle of Kido to serve a twofold purpose. It would act as the leading attack of this sordid affair and serve to give Fujinko a diminutive insight to the man’s capabilities. That being stated, she did not suspect this occurrence would defeat him. ⌚

    ⌚ With a plan now decided upon in that shrewd head of hers, Fujinko would return her right hand to her side and place her left hand upon the handle of Karakaze. Was she left handed? No, Fujinko was right handed, but this would be an elementary ruse to mask the true treacherous intent of her actions. With her right hand upon the handle of Karakaze, she would draw the weapon two inches out of the sheath to make it appear as though she was preparing to make use of the Zanpakuto. Her Shihakusho’s wide sleeves hung loosely and obscured the line of sight to her right hand. Quite clever she thought to herself. ⌚

    ⌚ That right hand was repurposed to produce one of the first Kido spells she had ever learned. It was known as Hado #4: Byakurai. In this Kido a high-density focused bolt of lightning is produced from the tip of Fujinko’s finger and then discharged towards the intended target. With her right hand obscured by the fabric of her Shihakusho, it would have a greater chance of remaining undetected until it had already been released. Fujinko’s mastery of this technique was so great that she did not require the incantation and the reduction of power was minimalized. With this she could strike at long ranges with precision and speed. ⌚

    “Normally I’m not one for such deceptive tactics in a fight, but I’m short on time and patience.” She thought.

    ⌚ From the tip of her index digit a skinny bolt of lightning was released in a straightforward line in the direction of that of the man’s present positioning. It charred a hole straight through the left sleeve and persisted wire thin until it had cleared her body by a few feet. Then the bolt would expand to a width of about 5 feet in diameter and maintain this width all the way towards its intended target. Byakurai’s speed was second to none and it would traverse the distance between them in really no time at all, nothing above a second to be exact. She could have made it faster, but it’s not wise to reveal yourself too early in a competition with an unknown enemy. This could be a protracted bout and she needed to keep as many cards hidden as possible. ⌚

    ⌚ Byakurai was an electrical based Kido and its effect would be similar to that of a lightning bolt. However instead of just electrocuting whatever it came into contact with, a hole might be blasted through it instead. Truly the potential outcomes were great and it would downright come down to the thing it was used against. Everything possessed different traits and resistances, these things being the determining factor of any attack. If Fujinko were to surmise a possible outcome, she would think that intensive burns or paralysis would be the major ones to expect, centralized around the abdomen for that was where the attack was aimed. Only time would tell. ⌚

    “Perhaps I could wrap this up early today and get back to work?”


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    There is a war inside my head,

    making me insane,

    I'm a sick man, and you're about to be dead,

    your blood will be part of the rain.

    Chains of reason snapped, falling from within the core of the reflection. Untangling from the madness, it was no longer 'sheathed' and flared out to grasp him in tight hold. Just like that, all around him changed; A once gentle outlook on things, eclipsed over in Malice. Death was tonight's answer, maybe it wanted this..maybe, this other was the reason for the sky's pain. Whatever the case, it no longer mattered.

    A chance to study him was gave, something that went disregarded. Maybe not by choice, but that was the path that was followed. Instead of gathering information through sight, an assault was made on him. The start of the play, but one that would cause regret. Why? That was soon to come. A mistake that was soon be learned by the female.

    Position was slightly changed by the reflection, turning to meet the 'lightning bolt' to have him facing her fully. Heated touch collided into the chilled one which claimed him, crafting steam. Which instead of staying in one condensed area, it quickly spread through the field they resided in. Only a few feet in front of the targeted area, the rest flew behind him, following the motion of the assault. This was the result of her own attack, but did it strike true, or was there more behind the scene?

    Suddenly through that steam, burst forth the reflection of Wishy. If one noticed, now his blade was held in the standard hammer wield, for during the strike; his hand rotated, 'flipping' the blade for the following use. Still, it's fanged tip continued to dig into the ground behind him. Tearing away at the earthen beauty with each step, quickly closing the ground between the two. Slight speed of his own was shown, for it'd only take at most, five seconds to close the gap. A simple display of his own speed, but not too much.

    Where the assault landed, a hole was formed in the center. Not all the way through, but enough to see the 'muscles', 'insides', and blood of his. Crimson streams spilled out profusely, staining the ground and water drops which cascaded down. Burned areas marked his 'skin' and clothing around this hole, but..how was he moving so perfectly, with such a wound? It didn't even seem to have bothered him.

    In truth, things went completely opposite. She was fighting a lie, through and through. Even his existence was questionable. Rather than harming him, the electrical properties fueled him, powering him even more. Had it been just a pure blast of energy with another property or simply another element, it could have harmed the truth through him, but..that wasn't the case. Hell, even if it was stronger it'd have a better chance at harming him, but such a small scale attack with his own kind of uses, proved useless. She used what he created, for within the reflection it was all dream energy and lightning of white, making the sight of his human out-look. When it had hit, his own 'lightning' fed on it, devouring it as it tried to cause harm. Essentially, forging it into it's own style.

    What was the hole and marks for? That was all for the act of deception, despite his movement being perfect. It seemed he was damaged, blood spilled, but his movement never faltered. This was a mere attempt to catch her off guard at the sight he portrayed, while he went on his own little offensive. Smart? Nay, it was just what the reflection was made for.

    Two streams of grey flowed down his arms, one on each during his advancing motion. Traveling to the bracelets around his wrists, circulating through them. Along with the devoured attack of the enemy that only added to this, the awakening of Fangs was soon to happen. Not all, but a few. It'd only be a matter of a few more moments, and this was the opening ceremony. Those mirrored bracelets, now lighting up, crackling with the lightning of his, all of it building up. This started at the same time as the steam, right on Que.

    Each step was perfectly placed, wet ground held nothing against him. His intentions of getting in close were clear, but the question is, was she going to allow it? Her weapon was noted like all else from earlier, but for the moment it held no threat. Once to the estimated position, he skid to a stop, three feet in front of her, angled towards his left some with that same side facing forth in the slant. Instantly, the grounded tip of his blade was being sent forward and up; Flicking mud as it did which spread out horizontally. That was from the mere momentum of which he was moving and the suddenly sliding halt and upwards flick. However, it was controlled; It wasn't relying on pure force. With that, once the needed level was reached, the blade changed course. At first it seemed as if it was hiding beneath the muddy up-rise, seeking to bare a similar path as it did in the ground, along the outside of her left leg. That was not the case, for once it would have dug into the flesh, the path was altered into a sweep; Gaining a horizontal path, knee level in attempt to render that leg useless. If it indeed, worked; The blade tip and a bit more was to bite into the side of her leg, mid-knee area and continue it's course, slicing through with relative ease. Stealing portions of life, if it was to run true. One most notice the slight turn of hips following the assault, but unlike an actual sweeping attack, they didn't follow fully. Hidden intentions resided within the attack itself, though. Doubts of it landing were held and even with the changed course; It was prepared to withdraw as well. If she was surprised by the hole and took the mud distraction, it'd most likely be too late. Senses were acute, awaiting the next piece of the play.

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    A Plot Twist; Is there more than meets the eye?

    ☭ Fujinko’s skillful technique had been thoroughly flawless in its execution. Those years of intensive training in the academy and the countless hours of rigorous training she put herself through after graduation had come to evident fruition. Something was not right. When her attack had seemingly come into contact with its intended target, the last thing she had expected to witness was a sudden outpouring of steam. That should not be the result of her attack and that peculiar occurrence instantly put her on guard. The next surprise came when her powerful eyes caught sight of a figure coming through the steam at a decent pace. ☭

    “What the hell?” She murmured under her breath.

    ☭ Fujinko’s muscles reacted instantly to the perceived threat and she launched herself backwards at a rate of speed that exceeded the young man’s. Her mind raced inhumanly fast as she devised a plan to counteract this strange turn of events. Everything about this did not make an ounce of sense to her, but the icing on the proverbial cake was the grotesque appearance of the man now rushing towards her position. He had a grievous looking wound near his midsection, a wound that should have been debilitating. However it wasn’t and that led Fujinko to do what she did next, a utilization of a technique that was sure to answer a question or two. ☭

    ☭ As she raced backwards with her physical form just inches off the ground, her two hands would be brought together at the palms and a single command would be uttered forth from her thin lips. When the words had been unveiled to the world, her hands were to be pulled apart, revealing an undulating void of mysterious qualities. This void imploded in upon itself and the resulting destruction created a shockwave that spread unique particles of energy throughout the area they were fighting in. These particles would negate and dispel any illusion or reality bending technique in the area, as well as prevent any from being used afterword. A forbidden Kido because the particles themselves interwove themselves within the reality. Unmovable and absolute. ☭

    “Hireki Shinnyo.” Those were the two words that the female Shinigami spoke.

    ☭ Would her actions be concluded by the release of such a unique Kido? No, surely that would not be the case. The fact that her opponent had endured her lightning based Kido lent credence to the fact that he wasn’t easily susceptible to such a force. By the time her enemy had covered half the distance to her previous location, she had already doubled the previous distance between them. This wasn’t a Shunpo and thusly expended none of her spiritual energy. This exhibition was the result of her physical form being superhumanly powerful. She could perform great feats of speed, unaided by her energy, but augment that already considerable speed on a moment’s notice should the need arise. ☭

    ☭ Why was Fujinko keeping such a distance away from her enemy? That was a simplistic question to answer and it was rather rudimentary in nature. It’s because her opponents, despite the abilities she’d displayed, would still seek to engage her in close quarters combat. It stood to reason that he was quite dangerous in this area of fighting and that being stated, it was likely in her best interest to keep the fight at a distance. When at least her sandals scraped against the ground, she had covered a distance of about a hundred and fifty yards. She didn’t feel as though such actions revealed a cowardly nature within her, it’s just that she had no intention of making this easy. If he wanted to catch her, he was going to have to do more than run fast. ☭

    ☭ By the time Fujinko had come to a sliding halt on the grassy terrain, her Zanpakuto had already been drawn by her right hand. Arm extended, the blade was held at a horizontal positioning with the blade pointing to her left. It was dreadfully obvious to Fujinko that that she would have to up her game in order to combat someone or something so peculiar. This next technique she had planned was a combination attack that that would take advantage of a potent Kido and the useful nature of her Zanpakuto’s released state, known as Shikai. To make the technique all the more potent, she would gather her wits and unleash a dual casted Kido. It was an advanced technique that allowed the practitioner to utilize two separate Kido in a single technique. Due to Fujinko’s natural talent for the art form, she would not need to use the incantations for both of them. ☭

    “I do hope you’ve prepared yourself.” Fujinko said this under her breath as she waited to see the results of her Kido that would disrupt any illusionary or reality altering techniques in the area.

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    +-The plan unfolds.-+

    Feast my Fangs, get drenched in blood.
    It's time to create a crimson flood.
    Tear at the flesh, make it scream,
    Now to make life go downstream.

    Drawing backwards before he ever attacked, settled his plan into motion. If his attack had been placed, the wishes of it's path was to make her defend, or back off. The fact she pressed back before he had to complete the secondary task of his mission, placed him two steps ahead now. Was that it, though? No, of course not.

    She may be quick, but was he going full speed? Not in the least, even though that'd not matter. The second it was noticed she lunged back, his own pace increased to keep him on the same time-path that was established prior. Time before the two should make contact: Four seconds now, since he was already in motion. One might ask how such is possible, but that was rather easy. The reflection is a mixture of lightning and dream energy. That was all it was, and the laws of this world held no meaning to him. As long as one didn't cage the reflection or supply a greater force to pin him down, he was allowed to move as wanted.

    During his forward advance though, before the start of her Kido a blinding illumination to any foe of his that could see it, suddenly escaped the bracelets which clung dearly to his wrists. That ceased the flow of the grey streams that met with them, darkness fleeing from the sight. Reflecting off the bracelets and his sword, to cast it outwards, settling it all around his body. Behind that sight harming sphere, four out of six Fangs of Divine Passion were birthed.

    That light gave to their blooming, the fed lightning attribute along with his energy, being what they consist of. Therefore, one can conclude they have a speed equal to his and lightning, or greater. In this case, they were faster than him, for they are meant exactly for these kind of things. These Fangs looked like they were a three pronged weapon, a simple horizontal base which protruded the three prongs. Each one leveled perfectly, spacing only three inches apart before another 'tooth.' Those teeth, only an inch and a half in circumference, surrounding a six inch diameter. Dyed white, they had small trails of grey flicking through in the center.

    By the time the words were spoken and before the kido fully released, the Fangs should have met their mark while she was still above ground.. Cloaked in the same bright light that they were born from. Without wasting a moments notice, all four Fangs took action upon their creation that happened at the same time, targeting different portions of her body. The first one sought to sink it's teeth into her right hand, as if locked on in the spot her bonding hands were at. In a wayward path, the second one danced moving at an exceedingly faster pace than the other three. This was because instead of going forward, it circled around in a counter clockwise fashion, aiming to bare it's teeth into her side, mid-stomach level. An attempt to cut her off in case the others failed. Obviously, this meant it was following her backwards momentum, timing it to land just after the others, if need be. Flowing up and down, the third one played. Like the second, it's speed was above the firsts due to this, but only slightly. Bouncing towards it's target, it's desire was hid in the motion, but since it was swaying in air it needed the extra speed to keep pace with the first. Seeking to embed itself within the center of her chest at the same time. As for the last, it ascended and lingered back from the rest, but it still moved swiftly, keeping watch in case, ready to dive into an assault if need be.

    The first fang and the fourth one, buzzed and crackled with the 'static' of the lightning it was crafted of, while the other two remained silent and swift. If the first one met it's target, it would stab through her hand and pin it against whatever may rest behind it of her body. A simple attempt to cease it's function. If the second one succeeded as well in the cut off, it'd slam into the desired side, planting itself to rip through as much as it could. Not all the way, but at least a quarter of her body, unless for some reason it was halted and forced out like it will naturally from her path. As for the third, it meant to kill. If it hit its target, it'd most likely shatter all it touched by force and a decent chance that an outwards prong will greet her heart. Even a scratch could provide use, for a touch from one meant it feeding on her, eating life-energy and giving it as a gift to the Dreams. That'd allow the creation of another of her within the dreams, where a new game would start. Only if enough was gave and if she didn't die.

    Behind all that, Wishy's reflection's speed slowed, the burst from earlier only providing use to his Fangs. Just as they were sent, he was no longer following and allowing more ground to fall between them. Slowly, though. He was still moving forward, but the pace at which he moved was starting to drop until he'd end up stilled. Since he only chased the mouse in attempt to make her defend or withdraw like she did, it wasn't needed anymore. One most note, that if they were indeed blinded by that light; It'd be far too much time to recover from it. Not to mention, his Loves were stained in that very light.

    With the Kido completed, the results will most likely not be what is to be expected. Despite the illusion and reality dispelling arts, the dream energy is what forged the sight of the reflection. So if one's mindset was to that being an illusion, what rested beneath was the dance of white and grey; Both lightning and the dream energy. That was the reflection, which with the use of the Truth's wants, it forged the picture. Sure, the Truth could be hurt through the reflection, but it's all about how one does it. The reflection was just a tool, a gateway to elsewhere through life-eating arts.

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    ooc- Note: She asked me to, because IC her character isn't on the level needed to escape. If she had been ranked higher, then it may have been possible. Also, i'm going with her death idea, since it better fits what was going on anyways. Better to do that, than alter the 'scenario.' IC wise, at least. Since it's what he wanted in the first place.

    +-Fade away.-+

    Beneath the beautiful sky,
    all that rests is ugly lies.
    Life is meant to flee,
    and death is meant to make one free.

    Tonight blood was to be a special elixir to any surviving flowers. It'd heal the pain of the ones that met a similar fate, as the one that opposed him. Easing the world beneath, giving it a temporary rest. One that'd sooner or later, be disturbed again. Without a doubt, no less, but for now..it was satisfied. Fate had it's tricky ways of doing things, so even a little time of bliss should be cherished.

    That blood spilled by ones born from false love..

    Success was granted to his Fangs. Their paths struck true and without remorse; A promise of bathing in blood fulfilled. The first one drilled right into her hand, the prongs piercing all the way through, pinning it to anything that may rest behind her hand in it's current position. If nothing, then it'd simply move as seen fit by the owner. Discharging electrical currents through out the inside of her body, each one following the easiest path to halt all standard senses. Even so, those charges were frying her from within. Unless there was something to stop the flow. Sure, all Fangs held the lightning affinity, but only two held large quantities.

    As for the second, it met its mark too. Perfectly timed with its sister, it greeted her chest with overwhelming force. Loud cracks erupted just as it hit, signaling its job well done. That noise coming from it cracking through her chest, embedding itself up to its base. If the flow of the discharging lightning in her body wasn't enough, surely the crushing blow to her chest would have ended it. If not, one of the outwards prongs dug into her heart, a single tooth found sanctuary within the edge of it. It didn't stop there, though..it seemed as if the Fang itself was being urged to keep on, trying to get free from her, by forcing itself out from her back. That'd really depend on how she landed, though. At the current rate, it couldn't find release until then.

    To top it off, the third one which went to cut her off..torn into her. With its fangs bared, it slammed into the flesh of her side. Cutting through with ease from the speed it traveled, but it followed truth to it's path. Her backwards motion making it tear out the front of her stomach, shredding any organs it caught in it's travels. Blood spewed out in a slight arc, creating a grotesque picture of it's own in the air. This assault would most likely send her into spiral, which should naturally be the release of the chest dwelling Fang. If so, that creation was to break through the back; Severing her spine with the middle prong, while dragging a piece of her beating heart along. Leaving a gaping hole to drain out her sweet crimson liquid, which gave life.


    While the Fangs feasted on her life, all the blows that were dealt to her, spilled out blood. Mixing it with the rain, just like they wanted. When all was said and done, she was left for dead. Assuming that she wasn't dead already. The last remaining Fang which stuck to her hand, pulled free. All three of the blood soaked tools, 'flicking' themselves clean, sending all the remains of her crimson drops about. At least her death was to be in a place of beauty; One that she will now become a part of.

    Where would he go from here? Only time could tell, there was no need for him to stay in this place anymore. It was now tainted, unworthy of his acceptance. With that in mind, his journey started again, but this time he was leaving a present for the world.

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