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    Post by Guest on Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:03 pm

    Starting from the first day 'Ardere Damnum' was pushed from his mothers womb.The doctors at first was afraid however they noticed something odd about him,his eye color was something that hasn't been seen before in a babies eyes.Ardere's eyes was completely black,unlike most he didn't have white in his eyes.So the doctors contemplated on if he could see.Sadly they could not test as of yet,when they handed him to his mother a smile blessed his facial features already knowing who she was,he developed fast,amazingly his little hands had come to smack together as his toothless smile became widen and he spoke. "Momma Momma Momma!!" Her first thought was they grow up so fast however she held him within his arms,she was happy he was happy.As Arderes momma scanned him she blinked to see if what she saw was real,her sons face in the mirror it was just pure demonic , almost as if he has already sinned by just being born? She thought to herself know a baby cannot sin because it knows not what sin is,or did he already know? she gazed down toward Ardere's eyes the doctors looked to her,noticing what she had seen."Ma'am? is that normal?" the first doctor said,as his reply was received,the mother of Ardere reply's."I know exactly why this is leave me alone with my child.

    They heard her demand known not to get in the middle between a new-born and its mother,walking out they shut the door behind them.Arderes innocence wasn't say any longer,he become something that his father once was but sadly the child is always worst then the parents.Ardere's mother looked to him as he begun to snarl and growl,already having teeth? she thought to herself knowing something was wrong."Son Ardere what have you become? He replies "You you're the one who cursed me,why was I born?why did you have to fuck up and get pregnant ? I didn't ask for this life!!!!" He screamed at her though she thought for a moment before thinking,that she was pregnant with twins,she knew why he was angered with her his twin had died he is unborn and he was supposed to be."Ardere my dear child I am sorry." His reply was "FUCK I already know what my life is gonna be like , I mean seriously look at me I am at fucking rage,do you know what happens when I become at rage? Huh!! Do you?" Upon Arderes back was an engraving of the five headed beast,only the heads,these was not natural however upon the sleeve of his arms are the scales of a dragon.She shook her head knowing what was about to happen."Son...i love you."

    He didn't reply to her his engravings all took to an electric blue glow,projecting themselves out,Now they explode and expand,Jet black flames being scattered every which direction this explosion literally strong enough to clear 1 mile of land.everything with that was turned to straight ash,but Ardere survived his body had developed an immunity to fire and heat,hence the reason he didn't kill himself.After this had occurs Ardere had no parents,however he thought to himself while he was a baby."That dumb bitch.'' That was his plan when he was born to kill her however something said earlier in his rage,he was supposed to be born,Ardere knew what was to come in his life he didn't want his life.He was weak he wasn't going to end his own life just because he knew what would come later in it.He would need to find someone who could actually care for him,someone who won't betray him such as his mother did.

    As Ardere was growing up and his mother was dead,what he knew that would come had begun to come.He is now 16 years old,Grey hair but not from being old just his natural hair colour,silk like hair cascades below his eye brows,covering his eyes.He looked rather grown,however his eye colour has not changed they was still black not a single grain of white within his eyes.Growing up Ardere was feared due to the attitude he had and his eyes.Kids never messed with him until one grew a set and decided to shove Ardere.As this boy did so Ardere grinned toward him."You know,you just fucked yourself up." Ardere spoke rather calm but anger built up inside him as Ardere was trying to control himself until the boy hit him.Ardere accepting the hit.The engravings begun to glow as Ardere knew what was happening,but held it back lashing back with a massive hit to the temple,his speed was incredible a mere blur did he strike from with such force to over power a Demi-god.The boys skull was literally bashed in within a single strike.Exact details of his speed is his body can refrain from taking damage from high-speed such as he just did.The force behind his strikes was full , 70,000 pounds of force.This being enough to place a demigod to shame.When they seen Ardere literally kill this boy they attempted to restrain him which only triggered his emotions,his imagines explode and expand literally turning them into straight ash.

    Ardere was to powerful for his own good,but he didn't complain about how he was born.Ardere's body was rather enhanced.How was it enhanced? this will be found out soon enough.Ardere figured out that what he kept hearing was real.He heard voice but they was far from him being crazy they was real.He knew who the voice was it was supposed to be his twin who was never born,Ardere thought yo himself how can I be haunted by something that was never born?is it a demon? or is my twin just trying to find a way to be born into this world? Arderes mind was filled with thoughts however it wasn't just a voice he heard he saw the unborn,with a blink of an eye he tried to see it was real,it was very real someone unborn was haunting him? why so? what did Ardere do to his twin? he didn't care all he knew is that when he was older he would be smart enough to use the demon for his powers,He grinned devious just thinking about such,the haunting demon wasn't strong enough to do anything right yet,but Ardere knew it fed off fear and he would not show such an emotion.So many come to wonder, how does a new born already hate? is it so that he didn't wish to live and the seed of his father created him. But he took it ou ton his mother?

    (The location is within a small town which is barely populated, Ardere being born there his power was enough that he ruled such.this rp is about someone coming and taking out Ardere and return the town back to how it was originally before he died. Also to figure out why he hated his mother so much.)

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