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    SCP: Containment Breach April

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    SCP: Containment Breach April Empty SCP: Containment Breach April

    Post by Nix on Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:34 am

    Starting the first of April and continuing through to the end of the month I'll be hosting our very first major theme RP. While you're free to create similar genre RP's for the month of April, or similar stories pertaining to the SCP game series, SCP: Containment Breach will be a mass Jump-in. No sign-ups required, but I will ask that any who would like to enter in with a new SCP generalize it's abilities in your entry post so I'm not trolled out of my own thread.

    The plot of the story follows closely behind the PC game itself. I will be playing a D-class worker from death row who is attempting to escape the SCP HQ where the SCP's have broken out of their containment cells. This RP will be entirely user controlled, meaning your SCP's will directly influence my characters actions. In case you haven't read my last thread talking about this RP, your objective is to stop me from obtaining a gas mask, a hand held radio, a Level 5 key card and escaping the building. If the RP generates enough interest I will allow extra human characters of different classes, and even military personnel that are trying to destroy the building and neutralize any staff caught within.

    At the end of the month when the RP comes to a close, I will set up a poll thread for participant feed back.

    Hope to see you there.

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