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    Obligation's Stock Characters List


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    Obligation's Stock Characters List Empty Obligation's Stock Characters List

    Post by Objective on Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:48 pm

    Kimberly Cross (Kimberly Hayden Cross)


    Obligation's Stock Characters List Kimberly_zps9c9383e8
    Age: 16-19
    Genre: Any
    Defining characteristic: Violent psychological disorder, cheerful most of the time. Like aliens/ghosts. Antennas (which don't exist in realistic roleplays)

    Kimberly can fight. Using hunting rifle, or if she make an appearance in a world where guns haven't been invented yet, crossbows.
    She also has a slight lisp when saying 'r' and 'l', often making it a 'w' sound.

    Non-realistic modifications
    In Science roleplays, Kimberly has a brain implant which pacifies her and make her normally a cheerful person. Sometimes, though, the implement can fail. In Fantasy, she has a special affinity to vengeful spirits, and is incredibly prone to getting semi-possessed by their rage, but normally she will be a cheerful person.

    Realistic modifications
    Kimberly is a special case of bipolar. She will often be cheery (if a tad bit insensitive), but when annoyed to some degree she will turn into a different person.
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    Obligation's Stock Characters List Empty Re: Obligation's Stock Characters List

    Post by Nix on Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:43 am

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