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    The Way Home

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    The Way Home Empty The Way Home

    Post by Nix on Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:19 pm

    The earth had fled into the embrace of night and all residual life had been lulled into rest by the distant wink of stars. The fog now turned to blanket the forest; dense where it hovered like a domineering wall. Not even the gaze of the moon could penetrate the condensed moisture when suddenly a wind brushed aside the veil to reveal a bald spot within the canopy of pines. The light flooded in to fill the hole like water rushing from the apex of a waterfall and into a basin. A figure appeared at the threshold between obscurity and vision; tall and lanky.

    A step brought the being forth as an immaculate image of eternal youth. A lump of silky, pitch tied against the back of a shaggy pool akin in color was accented by a sleeveless, ashen kimono tucked into the waist band of deep violet hakama and anchored with a long white sash about the mans waist. The remnants of the breeze brought the fine silk attire to ripple and flutter proudly against the athletic build. A man, or perhaps a boy? He appeared on the edge of 20. An average complexion that hid thin lips and what skin was visible unblemished by ink, or scar. The most striking feature was not his dress, or his perfection in image, but rather the haunting pale blue of his eyes. A sharp juxtaposition to the thin, braided strands that framed his chiseled jaw. He moved as a phantom illuminated only briefly before passing out of observation into the grasp of mist once more.

    In his wake trekked a blur of vibrant red, a redshift from a departing source. In other words a release of energy from a being that existed only in a semi-solid state that fluxed the world around him, creating a spacial distortion where reflected light was forced to flow around before it could caress the body. Yet a tachyonic effect in departure from the point of origin where old light had passed away from the young man allowing a glance at an opposing image as it moved ever back towards the start of the night time journey. A smile turned the youngsters lips up as the sound of an owl greeted him through the bubbles of fog that lept away from him as if by fear of the great power.

    Power, such power encased in this human seeming flesh suit. So young, yet so old. Well, time was irrelevant in this place that he'd been dumped; in a damn desert no less. His landing was less than graceful to boot, or rather his recollection of it made it seem that way. He missed his home dimension. Schrodinger's box it'd come to be called by its native residents, grotesque beasts and chaotic, power hungry beings. Lords of plight and destruction; the fall of the Flux Dynasty and his loss. The loss to his title in power. His cousin Kurimuzon and his older brother Mifune fought for him and fought hard, but in the end the three of them could no longer defend Cloud 9 District.

    The jump gates had been corrupted and entered a state of destabilization. The guardians ultimately sacrificed themselves to ensure Schrodinger's box did not forcefully leak into any adjacent worlds, or disrupt the flow of time that were its boarders. In the end it was not enough and the three of them were forced to break the screen before Schrodinger's box was able to pass into the closest dimension on its own. At last he had no idea what became of the others, no idea what became of his home. Young Tetsugaku the lost heir to his father's crown had found no solace in this new world; only an unquenchable thirst to return and find his lost kin. These woods, he'd heard, may serve as a perfect site to open a new jump gate. After only two days of calculation he hoped the area could fulfill its purpose. The hyper flow of time had allowed him to see past the respective light cone of this world, yet he could not pinpoint the exact moment in which his theory worked. Like a mocking foreshadow of something to come.

    Finally Tetsugaku had come to a moon lit clearing and stepped into its very center. All around him he could sense in some way witnesses that were not wildlife. Higher cognitive perception; perhaps human or humanoid? No matter. The young mans arms rose over his head as if he beckoned and pleaded with the sky almost like praying to a God to take him back home. His lips unleashed no words, only his form alight in a strong, white-hot glow as he attempted to surpass his physical representation. The earth beneath him quivered and began to split; clumps of dirt rose in the gravitational distortion only to sail away in all directions at the condensation of perpetual energy. The beam of illumination erected into the sky like a search light when suddenly the flow of time seemed slowed all around. A baritone "whoo" then a deep rumble and blast rushed outward in a dome to canvass the land, bowing the trees. It resembled a transparent mushroom cloud effect, but died in a second. The light soon rushed into him and collapsed into a sphere; he'd failed.

    Arms fell slowly and the ball faded from sight as his head dropped. There he stood amidst the obliteration of the forest that seemed as only a pockmark in the infinite scope of actuality. He wanted now, more than ever, someone to talk to; some of this worlds comfort among the cold, dead silence that tugged at him. Suddenly a feeling of rage over came him. His chest puffed out only to collapse with the weight of fury that pushed a roar from his lent back head. Silence! Silence! Stillness all around; he couldn't take it anymore! As his voice cracked and vanished into the embarrassment of the ungodly, perpetual puberty he was cursed with his mind turned from the envy of his older siblings smooth and controlled sound to the sounds of dogs barking only a few miles off.

    West; he needed to head west. His breathing grew rapid and heart lept with both the feeling of dread, and excitement at the prospect of life behind the wall of trees. With arms flailing to shove the scraping limbs away from his head his face scrunched in an effort to peer through the curtain of black. He hoped to the God of this universe that he hadn't harmed a potential companion; his father, if he were even still alive, would have his head if Tetsugaku managed to injure the fragile residents of this place called "Earth." The barks grew louder when just then a large, brown dog sauntered up to his feet as he broke into an open space. Its ears were adorably floppy and face comically droopy, he mused. A Bloodhound? He'd heard of them before and knew from books and shows of their deep, mournful howls. The animal sniffed with ferocity at his pants eventually coming to shove a cold nose where it shouldn't be at the crotch of his pants.

    "H-hey! Get your nose out of there!"

    He hissed as a hand reached to push the canines head away. He could see a bustling night life flutter in and out of what few lights were left on in the small village. He hastened along motioning for the dog to follow; he'd noticed it lacked a collar so it must've been a stray. He liked dogs, or at least the ones he'd met since coming to this strange place. A long, dirt road wound its way into the very heart of the infrastructure, splitting off here and there to lead into the residential areas. The youth looked to down to his new friend in hopes he would be the icebreaker needed to find even more as they crunched along in the shallow snow.

    "I think I'll name you... Bloo!"

    An emphatic woof of approval followed the christening and ever onward they moved towards a massive building built in the middle of a town square. A sign stood out front reading "Little River Courthouse." Little River? He'd never heard of this place before, then again he'd never heard of Phoenix, Arizona until three nights ago. A sudden wind picked up and chilled him too the bone; he wasn't used to this, what was it called, season? This "winter" and whatever these "blizzards" were. Quickly hands came to rub at the raised goosebumps on his arms; he hoped for someone, anyone, to come along and give him his bearings, or at least point him in the direction of a pet friendly place to stay. Maybe some food would help too. His head swiveled to and fro and he called out with a voice shaken by shivers.

    "H-ey! Can you h-h-hel-lp m-e? Anyone?!"

    A whine jumped from Bloo's maw followed by a few gruff barks as though he too tried to gather the attention of anyone that passed them by.

    (This RP is being edited, but will be a Jump-in once it's fixed up.)

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