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    Beginner goals.

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    Beginner goals. Empty Beginner goals.

    Post by Nix on Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:29 am

    Salutem et salve~ This is the forum made to help Admin's and users keep track of our goals, and keep tabs on things we've accomplished thus far.

    So far we've added a plethora of genre's in the Free Writing section of our site, a banner, a ranking system, a post and point tracker, and an 18+ forum.

    Worldwide Writing is still in it's infant stage, and we the Admin's need help from you users to not only build a following, but also to establish a healthy Roleplay selection. Soon to come will be the Jump-in option located in the Free Writing forum for those of you seeking a quick and easy RP, and at least one RP will be posted in each existing genre.

    The current goals of the Admin's right now is a ticker to display hot RP's, upcoming events, polls, and special shout-outs to members and Admin's that go above and beyond expectations, and a better C-box with channels allowing us to monitor the content while not jumbling up the main Chat box. As agreed upon by the Admin's there will be a general chat for your OOC talk and collaboration, or bullshitting, RP chat and an exclusive Admin chat where we can jump between channels, get your thoughts in real time and possibly implement them. We also hope to start themed RP's each month; this area will be managed, mostly, by me, Admin Nix.

    As of writing this our current following is 22 registered users, we hope to build a much larger RP community and hope to gain five to ten members every month.

    Be sure to share our link with any of your friends and thank the Admin's for our hard work, and get to know the team. We don't just do it for ourselves, we do it to make the site more appealing to you.

    Our current -active- Admin's are: Nix, Yusei Twili, Crow, and Wishy.

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