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    Is This but a Dream?

    The Sinful Samurai
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    Is This but a Dream? Empty Is This but a Dream?

    Post by The Sinful Samurai on Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:54 am

    Here is where you'll post your character for the RP. It will consist of action scenes, a SMALL bit of fighting (nothing serious) and mainly romance/comedy/drama. Keep in mind, that players other than Vayne (The writer will be playing him) and Nanai will not come in until AFTER the first opening sequence. However, post your character here. You can follow my model below, or do as you please, as long as you get a basic idea of what your character is.

    Vayne Shouri
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 160lbs
    Hair: Grey
    Eyes: Grey
    Occupation: Freelance Mercenary
    Personality: Kind; Perverted; an accidental trouble maker. Usually very cheery, but seems to have a dark past, better left unexplored by those around him.


    Jacket: Wears a black jacket, outlined with white stitch marks. Jacket make is Orichalcum fused cloth, made to withstand damage. An area focused on by a bladed weapon could withstand anywhere between 5-8 blows before tearing, striking method and weapon make factored in. From blunt weapons the damage done would be modified by the size of the user and make of the weapon. A smaller person probably would not be able to break through the protection, while a medium sized person could after continued assault. A large person would have no trouble dealing damage with a blunt weapon after only a few blows, due to their striking power. Magic attacks can be fended but not without sustaining damage very easily. Never buttoned.

    Undershit: A simple white fleece undershirt. It provides little protection, and has no other function than hiding the skin beneath. Also has a nice pocket. Very Happy
    Pants: Made from the same material as the jacket, these black pants serve as a guard to the legs. A pocket on either side and two stitched on the seat. Same stats as the jacket. A belt is worn with the pants.

    Shoes: A simple pair of seemingly off-brand sneakers. Colored to match the pants and jacket. They weigh little and allow for quick movement, though provide little protection.


    Sunglasses: Black sunglasses. They seem to have an advanced purpose- wait, how the hell do they not fall off!?
    Nanai’s Lucky Charm: A charm given to Vayne by his late Fiancé Nanai, in her final moments.. Since obtaining it, Vayne has had an unusually high amount of luck. When in battle, it is worn around his neck, on a chain made from Orichalcum. Rumor has it, that Nanai’s spirit rests within the charm, watching over Vayne; this being the reason for his luck.

    Card Pouch: Strapped to his belt. This pouch carries Royal Flush.

    A spry young man with the bearings of an anti hero in the making. Though he means well in most of what he does, it usually causes problems for the people involved. Due to past discrepancies, Vayne is not hesitant when it comes to killing; though, he does prefer to do so in the quickest, most painless manner. This exception being only for those who harm those close to him. In 2010 (the present year being 2012, and continuing on) his fiancé was murdered by a syndicate left destroyed by Vayne long before. This being their final act at vengeance, they split up to throw Vayne off. He searches for his fiancé’s killers in hopes of killing every last one of them. In this, he believes that her spirit will finally be set free and put to rest. He hides his pain behind a cheerful/comedic wall, in hopes that this mindset may one day push the pain away for good. His attempts to move on from Nanai’s death are overshadowed by a perverted veil, the reason for this most likely being an attempt to push females away. He still holds a deep love for Nanai and sometimes snaps, when unable to cope with her absence. His keen senses, along with a knack for analysis makes him a great hand-to-hand fighter. He is amazingly lucky. His luck is believed to come from a charm left behind by his late fiancé, who’s last words were: “I’ll always be watching over you.” Being incredibly lucky since her death, he decided that it would only be fitting test his luck in cards; or rather, in throwing cards. The deadly kind. With his high luck, 9 out of 10 cards are almost guaranteed to hit their target; though, the odds are usually lower when it comes to moving targets. Along with these, comes his special power, discovered shortly after having to do with the twenty-two Major Arcana tarots, more commonly known as “Trumps.”

    Characters Needed:

    Nanai (Yes, it was recycled from Bloodstar. Like the name.)

    Players choice, based on the information given in the main topic.

    Is This but a Dream? TheSinfulSamurai
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    Is This but a Dream? Empty Re: Is This but a Dream?

    Post by Anynymys1 on Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:00 am

    I can play Nanai.

    Marien de Sota
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’ 7”
    Weight: 140lbs
    Physical: Red hair and a tan complexion, Marien is Amazonian built, but still has curves. Her hair is shoulder length and she is physically fit. Oval faces with big eyes, thinner lips, and a medium size nose. She isn’t gorgeous, but she is very pretty. Has a sad look to her blue eyes.

    History: Lost her husband and twins to an accident several years ago. She has no one to blame as it was a freak accident. Originally born to nobility she ran away at 16 to escape an arranged marriage. In her adventures she was kidnapped by pirates and fell in love with the Captains lieutenant. After a few years on the sea she became pregnant and they decided to quit the pirate business in a flashy and bloody way. The only 2 to escape, the rest of the crew died. Marien’s lover was originally a farmer and they returned to his hometown and took over his parent’s farm. When Marien lost her husband and children she was consoled by her husband’s family. A few years later his parents died and now Marien, alone, runs the farm by herself save a few hired hands.

    Abilities: Marien is excellent with a sword and has the strength to wield a claymore or broadsword like a master or a rapier with deft ease. Thusly, she also is a fair blacksmith now having learned the art from her husband. She can also with the help of a wizard or magician, channel magic into her sword to add an elemental factor. She is best at adding water based magic.

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