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    Shake some rust: Giovanni Carter vs Whoever the hell Nix chooses!

    Giovanni Carter
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    Shake some rust: Giovanni Carter vs Whoever the hell Nix chooses! Empty Shake some rust: Giovanni Carter vs Whoever the hell Nix chooses!

    Post by Giovanni Carter on Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:57 pm

    (Note: I apologize for the delay in my posting. It has been quite busy IRL. But I should be okay for now.)

    The halls of the Torinaka Training Facility were running rampant with screams as the sessions began. It was a normal Tuesday, really. One where the students were hard at work to perfect their skills. A nice form here and there. Some being sloppy. But one holding the skills of a master in the making in the Muay Thai district. A Blonde, actually. The reputation of some around here was quite known around the world, but it was one Giovanni Carter that had remained an enigma among even the teachers within this mile wide little martial arts paradise.

    The emerald gaze of this being was only held forward, focused into the air before him almost as if it were the opposition itself. A perfect arc of the body here and there, a shift of feet, he knew these techniques well apparently. A dance he had taken with many a foe before. A twirl of the body into a roundhouse leading to a heel stomp upon the ground. Hands tapped the floor with a kneel before coming back up.

    This was the Giovanni Carter that was focused, diligent, and quite agile for his 6'4 height. The red kimono upon him was a leisurely outfit which looked to be made of satin, with a matching black sash upon the waistline. His sign of mastery. His sign of diversity within even these halls. But still it felt to be not enough. He needed to be better. The plethora of shots he got upon the air was not an enemy fighting back. It was not something that could hit him back. It was simply a silent opposition, and one that he grew so bored of facing.

    "Dammit. I have to get better. I have to get stronger. I need more strength."

    You need to focus, you buffoon, he thought as he started to perform a roundhouse backhand combo. A few techniques he taught to a couple of his friends. One so being some wrestler whom had went to some sort of professional company. Stupid Punk. But the kid had his skills, and that was not his place to speak of how he used them.

    But after the execution of this, he jumped to perform an axle kick which ended in another heel drop.

    "..... This needs to end.... I need to find someone stronger," the muscular male spoke with a panting breath, "Lest I go insane here..."

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