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    The Demon Caller Prologue


    The Demon Caller Prologue  Empty The Demon Caller Prologue

    Post by Guest on Tue May 14, 2013 9:27 pm

    I have only one thing to say about this. It is not an open RP nor is it a story line. This is the prologue to a novel I am working on. If you read it and wish to say anything about it to me then send me a message. Do NOT comment on this at all. I will report the comments then delete them. Everything that is written here is copyright to me and only me. None of the characters nor the story is to be used by anybody other me. Also if all you're going to do is tell me how horrible of a writer I am then do it kindly and try not to piss me off too much xD Now onto the prologue.

    The cave was dark and damp as a shadowy figure was seen pacing back and forth while glancing towards the entrance with worry and concern filling his eyes. Oh how he wanted to leave this cave and see what was going on in the nearby village, knowing that his friend went there to try to retrieve something that meant the world to him. Upon hearing footsteps treading up the rocky mountain side he rushed to the entrance only to be met by his friend whose shoulders were slumped down in defeat and his eyes full of anguish that could last for a lifetime. Once again his begging and pleading fell upon deaf ears and he had to retreat without his possession or face his death. With a heartbreaking sob he threw himself into his friend’s arms and trembled violently. Wrapping his arms around his grieving friend he rocked him back and forth and offered him the small comfort that he could until his sobs finally died down. Slipping from his arms he raised his right hand to wipe away his tears before stepping deeper into his home with a sigh.

    “He won’t let me have my son, Vyraal. Tomorrow morning will be the last time I beg and plead. If he will not listen to me this time then I shall end it. I have seen my fate in my dreams many times. I shall meet my end at the end of his blade.”

    Vyraal’s eyes widen in shock as he listened to his friend speak and shook his head in negativity before he walked over to him, quickly grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him almost violently.

    “DON’T say that! You will live and return with Nightangel in your arms, Shadowmoon!”

    Raising his eyes he looked upon his dearest friend with sadness and determination to meet his fate tomorrow morning before shaking his head.

    “Nay, Vyraal, I will not, but I fear for my son. If he stays with my Father then it will take Vayne longer to find him. I do not want him to fall into that demon’s treacherous hands. He will use him like he used me.”

    Knowing and seeing that Shadowmoon spoke the truth Vyraal looked away to hide the sadness in his own eyes before whispering softly,

    “I shall watch over him from the shadows as he grows up. I will forever be his shadow and hide his presence from Vayne.”

    With a grateful smile and feeling as if a great burden was lifted from his shoulders he whispered softly,

    “Thank you, my friend.”

    That night Vyraal spent it awake, watching his dearest friend sleep and crying silently at the thought of such a magnificent person being snuffed out like a light. As the sun raised above the horizon Shadowmoon woke up for the last time and gathered his things for the last confrontation with the village Elder. Not seeing Vyraal around he chuckled a little, knowing that he had already taken to being the shadow he would be for the next eighteen years or so. Taking one last look at the place he had called home for the last five years he raised his right hand and places several warding spells over the entrance to keep unwanted trespassers out of there. Turning around he began his trek down the mountainside and into the nearby village causing several villagers to gasp in surprise and the mothers to quickly grab their children and yank them back inside for their own safety. Raising his head high and proudly he sauntered through the village until he reached the Chief’s house. Raising his voice loud enough to be heard by the man inside he spoke,

    “Thomas, I have come for my child!”

    Yanking the door open Thomas stepped outside and hissed in anger at the sight of the outsider who dared to taint one of their purest clan members and caused her to become pregnant before dying during childbirth, his own daughter, standing there and demanding for something that he shall never have.

    “You will never have him, heretic!”

    “I will not leave without my newborn son, Thomas. He is mine and I shall be raising him far away from here.”

    Thomas glared at him and slowly drew his sword out of its sheath before taking a step towards him. With a sigh leaving his parted lips he shook his head at Thomas’ foolishness. Taking a step back he looked at him and silently pleaded him with his eyes not to do this. Snarling Thomas shook his head and raised his sword up to his chest level.

    “I do not want to fight you…”

    Shadowmoon whispered softly as he reluctantly withdrew his own sword and held it loosely in his hand.

    “I just want my son…”

    Suddenly Thomas ran towards Shadowmoon while raising his sword high above his head and bringing it down. With another sigh he raised his sword to block the attack before quickly kicking out, hoping to knock him down. Thomas dodged the kick and quickly brought his sword up then down in a vicious attack. Resigning to his fate Shadowmoon didn’t dodge the attack and cried out in pain as the sword pierced his right shoulder, causing his hand to go numb and drop his sword. Falling to his knees he looked up at Thomas as he advanced on him and stood above him, silently waiting. Lowering his eyes to the ground Shadowmoon picked up his sword in his left hand and slowly rose to his feet before taking several steps backwards. Thomas smirked at him before charging towards him and sinking his sword into his chest, piercing his heart since he refused to avoid the attack or defend himself. Feeling the tip of Thomas' sword piercing his chest above his heart his eyes fluttered shut as a small smile curved his lips upwards. Slowly falling to his knees his eyes raised to look up at the Elder as he whispered with his dying breath,

    “I grew tired of being a demon’s pet and fighting….”

    Darkness soon enveloped him as the sword pierced his heart but his last image was that of his love standing in a field of flowers with her hand held out to him. Thomas pulled his sword out of his body and watched as the light faded from the heretic's eyes and his chest rise and lower in one final breath. Bending down he pulled his sword from his dead hand and turned upon his heels to return to his home, leaving the body there to rot or be devoured by the dogs.
    Making sure that everybody was gone and the body was still there a shadowy figure crept into the village only to gather Shadowmoon's body and carry it out to a large oak tree in the middle of a special grove. Upon seeing the shadowy figure carrying the body enter her grove the nymph raised up from the ground before gasping softly as she recgonized the dead mortal. Moving quickly she stood in front of them before reaching out to gently slide her fingertips down the normally warm cheek now cold with death. A few tears trailed down her cheeks before she pointed to the ground beneath the oak tree and spoke softly to the one who was feeling as much sorrow as she was.

    "Bury him there, Vyraal. He will want to be buried next to his love. What of the child?"

    Moving slowly Vyraal walked over to the oak tree before setting the body down gently upon the ground. Taking the time to whisper his own goodbye to the only man who ever saw beyond the mask that he wore Vyraal then moved away and watched as the ground parted beneath the body and welcomed it into it's embrace before closing once more. The lovers reunited for the last time in death caused flowers to blossom at the base of the oak tree.

    "The child will remain in the village where Vayne will not find him so easily. I shall be his shadow and protect him, dear nymph. Watch over their graves and keep them safe from those who wouldn't hesitate to rise him from his sleep of death."

    Nodding the nymph laid her hand upon Vyraal's chest before shoving him hard and sending him flying out of her grove just as a magical barrier flowed into place. Knowing that his kind would never be allowed to enter he raised his hand in one last farewell to his dearest friend and to the nymph before fading away upon the winds flowing through the forest.

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